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My goal is to provide the kind of care I would expect for my family and myself: Personal, compassionate and accessible.
It is time you have a relationship that is just between you and your doctor, focused on your individual health and well-being!
The way it should be!
         Adriana Raus MD

What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a different approach to providing health care. Instead of the pay-per-visit model, you pay a flat monthly fee that allows you to have extended access to your doctor and discounts on labs, prescriptions, and other services  –
no health insurance required. Most importantly, you have more one-on-one time with your doctor, which encourages building a strong relationship with them. Visit us today and experience a better way to get quality health care.

How is Direct Primary Care different from Traditional Primary Care?

"Traditional" insurance driven model

  1. Fragmented care.  The patient is often seen by a provider who is not the patient's physician - a mid-level provider such as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner provides fill-in care. After hours and on the weekends another provider sees the patient in an urgent care clinic or the emergency room setting.  
  2. Impersonal.  Each doctor typically has between 2000-3000 patients, sometimes even more. Larger office staff sizes make close professional relationships with patients more difficult. 
  3. Production oriented. Reimbursement to the physician is primarily based on the number of patients seen. Time spent with the provider (10-15 min) is therefore often limited, and patients may feel like "just a number".
  4. Third party interference. Insurance and/or the government often dictates and modifies care that is provided by the physician, which frequently is not in the patient's best interest.
  5. Inconvenience. Overbooked schedules often limit appointment time options, patients are waiting weeks to get an appointment, then waiting again to see the doctor hours at a time. After-hours and weekend care often involving hours in a crowded waiting room to see yet another provider.
  6. Reactionary "sick" care. There is little time for preventative counseling, you get to be briefly seen only when you are getting very sick.
  7. Hidden charges. Unlike most businesses, the traditional medical model generally does not publish charges and fees. This is largely due to the third party payer (insurance) system. As a result of this lack of transparency, many patients who pay partially for treatment out-of-pocket are reluctant to seek medical care. 

Direct Primary Care Model

  1. Longitudinal care. Medical care is delivered by your doctor in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, our office, your home or workplace and even virtually when appropriate. Your membership includes  extended access to your doctor which means you could contact me after hours for guidance on urgent medical concerns. If a medical problem is deemed too complex, we will consult and coordinate your care with the appropriate sub-specialist.
  2. Personal. Direct primary care practices are generally limited to 400 to 600 patients  per physician, allowing time for more personalized care. A limited patient panel means that I can devote ample time to getting to know you and your family and addressing your medical concerns. 
  3. Patient oriented. We have the same goals as you: to keep you healthy, use as few medications as possible, avoid unnecessary tests and procedures and save you time and money. Ultimately, that means we get to spend more time with you, whenever you need it, without making you jump through the hoops of a insurance-driven medical practice. 
  4. Autonomy. Direct primary care practices provide medical care that is not modified or dictated by insurance companies or government entities. Third party interference is therefore a non-issue. We have your unique health interest at heart. We are not paid by insurance companies for codes and data. We are paid by YOU and your health information is not shared with anyone! 
  5. Convenience. Medical care is provided at a time and place that is most convenient for you. Sometime care can be delivered by webcam, email or phone, saving the patient even more time and money. You do not have to go to "Dr. GOOGLE", in attempt to avoid visiting the doctor, just send me an email or text! 
  6. Preventative care. Direct primary care encourages wellness visits  and prevention of disease due to the nature of the prepaid membership fee. We know you are more apt to seek preventative care since your membership fee has already been paid, ultimately decreasing unnecessary illness and other medical problems.
  7. Transparency of price. Membership fees are clearly defined in agreement between us, and there are no hidden charges. All additional small charges for medications, labs, pathology fees, etc. will be discussed with you before the fees are incurred. This encourages us to interact on a more regular basis, saving you money and promoting your health.

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Direct Primary Care is NOT health insurance, nor does Family Doc Direct PLLC participate in health insurance plans.

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